MEA badminton competition was held on August 28th, 2021 at the Houston Badminton Center. The event was a grand success and the MEA board would like to thank all the volunteers and participants for their role in the successful completion of the event.
      MEA is proud to announce the following winners in various categories. Prizes will be awarded to the winners during the MEA cultural night planned for October 30th, 2021:

Men’s doubles

    Winners:            Deepu Dethan and Arun Bhaskar

    Runners-up:      Rajan Sundaran and Michael Joy

Women’s doubles

    Winners:          Teresa Gijoy and Neena Sreelaya

    Runners-up:     Manju Shreedharan and Heera Remasankar

Mixed doubles

    Winners:           Isha Sudheer and Harish Pillai

    Runners-up:     Aashreeti Deo and Pratheesh Sathyan

Kid’s doubles

    Winners:          Isha Sudheer and Aashreeti Deo

    Runners-up:    Issac Joseph and Surya Ajith