For those students aspiring to pursue higher education outside India, this is explicitly for you.

Join us on an exciting session on “Higher Education in the Developed World” scheduled on Saturday, September 9th 9:30 AM CST (8 PM IST)

A unique opportunity awaits to connect with Dr. Najeeb Kuzhiyil, PhD in Chemical Engineering and co-founder of Voyed Education Consulting.  

Higher Education in developed countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ is very different from that in India. This talk will cover the salient features of higher education in the developed world, what to look for, how to navigate the admission process, and how to successfully complete your study. It covers:

  • What is higher education
  • The university system in the developed world
  • The admission process
  • Scholarships

Appreciate your great participation & support to build the MEA community stronger!

Webinar Details:

TopicHigher Education in the Developed World
Date & TimeSaturday, September 9th 9:30 AM CST (8 PM IST)
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