Join us on an exciting session on “Getting to know High Performance Computing (HPC)” on Saturday, February 3rd 9:30 AM CST (9 PM IST)

A unique opportunity awaits to connect with Anil Vattalai, VP Software and Digital Solutions, CGG, Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Systems from RMIT Australia and MBA from Manchester Business School.

High Performance Computing (HPC) helps engineers and researchers to solve some of worlds most complex scientific problems within reasonable time and cost. This session will introduce HPC in simple terms with real life use cases, state of the art and a glimpse into the industry’s future.

Appreciate your great participation & support to build the MEA community stronger!

Webinar Details:

TopicGetting to know High Performance Computing (HPC)
Date & TimeSaturday, February 3rd 2024, 9:30 AM CST (9 PM IST)
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