Mentor Guide

The mentor guide is specifically crafted to provide mentors with the essential guidance and support required to proficiently fulfill their mentoring responsibilities. By utilizing the mentor guide as a reference, mentors can elevate their mentoring skills, foster robust connections with their mentees, establish well-defined objectives, deliver valuable guidance, and effectively navigate any challenges that may emerge throughout the mentoring process. This empowers mentors to optimize the impact of their mentoring endeavors and facilitate the growth and development of their mentees.

What is a Mentor

A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor offering emotional support, guidance, and expertise to MEA Scholars in order to help them achieve their academic and professional goals.

Mentors are expected to offer personalized advice, deliver coaching, be an advocate and aid in setting goals for the mentee throughout the program.

How will Mentees and Mentors be Matched?

Mentoring Process Flow

The mentoring process flow refers to the step-by-step sequence of activities and interactions involved in a mentoring program.

Tips for Effective Mentoring

The following tips are utilized for effective mentoring.

Things to Avoid

Here are some “don’ts” or things to avoid in a mentoring relationship