Mentee Guide

The Mentee Guide is specifically designed to offer guidance and support to MEA scholars. It serves as a valuable reference and tool that assists students in understanding and effectively fulfilling their role within the mentoring relationship. By utilizing the Mentee Guide, students are empowered to navigate their mentoring experience with clarity and purpose, allowing them to maximize the benefits derived from the mentorship. The guide provides valuable information, tips, and resources that enable students to actively participate in the mentoring process, seek guidance and support, set meaningful goals, enhance their learning and professional growth.

Who is a Mentee

A mentee within the MEA Scholar program is the MEA scholar who seeks guidance, support, and knowledge from a designated MEA mentor.

The purpose of this mentorship is to enrich the mentee’s knowledge, refine their skills, and ultimately contribute to their academic and professional achievements.

How will Mentees and Mentors be Matched?

Guiding Principles for Mentee

Guiding principle for mentees is to actively engage and take ownership of their mentoring experience. This principle emphasizes the mentee’s responsibility to drive their own learning and growth while working in partnership with their mentor.

Tips for Mentee

The following tips are utilized for effective mentoring.

Don’ts for Mentee

Here are some “don’ts” or things to avoid as a mentee in a mentoring relationship.