MEA Arts/Science Day FAQs

MEA Arts and Science day is not just for kids*. We encourage adults to participate in various competitions. Please register here !

*Chess Competition*
We have received a lot of registrations in the kids categories and we are bringing in a Coach to run this competition. The coach will set up the draw in a tournament software and we will provide the list of participants a couple of days before the event. Last day of registration is 26 Jan, 2023 7 pm !! Chess competition will start at *11.30AM* on Jan 28, 2023.

*Art Competition*
Art competition will start at *11.30AM* on Jan 28, 2023.   We will provide a theme for the Art Contest and the participants will have to create an artwork based on that theme. The participants will have to bring their own paint, pencils etc to create the art work and we will provide the Art paper. A few kids have signed up for both Art and Chess competitions and for those kids the Art competition will start right after their Chess games.

*Science Activities*
If you have signed up for Science activities and paid the $10 registration fee fee you can take part in all the science activities.

*Kids Quiz Competition*
We will run this Quiz competition on the Kahoot platform and the maximum number of entries for this competition is 20. In this category kids from Kindergarten to High school can participate. Kids will use a phone or tablet with internet connection, so parents please make sure your kid has a device. Preference will be given to the first 20 kids who have signed up for the Science activities and if there are additional slots you can sign up at the venue. The quiz questions will be from Science, Math, History, Geography, Current affairs, sports, movies etc

*Adults Quiz Competition*
This Quiz will also be run on the Kahoot platform and will have 20 as the maximum number of participants. This is only for adults and questions will be from Current affairs, Sports, Movies, Politics etc. Adults who sign up for the science activities can take part in this competition. As of now, we do not have a lot of adult sign ups yet. We encourage all MEA members to sign up for these activities.

*Group Science Activities*
We will form groups of 4-6 members and each group needs to have a minimum of one adult and one kid. All participants need to have registered for the Science activities. The groups will be given time bound tasks (30 mins or an hr) and judges will evaluate the work based on the criteria which will be communicated before the start of the event. There will be a minimum of 2 such activities and we will have additional activities if time permits.

We will also have stalls with simple activities and competitions and anyone can participate in those and no prior registration is required.

WHEN: JAN 28TH, 2023