Effective preparation for Placement & Interview

The placement process involves several essential steps, which may vary from one college or company to another. However, the preparation steps remain consistent and applicable to all students. Prioritizing preparation for placements and interviews is crucial for students.

This page offers valuable tips and tricks to enhance the effectiveness of placements and interviews. There are multiple steps involved in the placement process, those are :

  • Resume preparation
  • Aptitude test
  • Group discussion
  • Technical round(s)
  • HR round

Resume Preparation

The first step in preparation is crafting a well-structured resume. It is advisable for students to begin building their profiles when they join college and continuously add relevant content throughout their college journey.


  • Make the resume simple
  • Emphasize your areas of expertise
  • Make sure you able to answer the questions about the content included
  • Continuously update your resume with accomplishments, participation in various activities, internships, projects, and more
  • Provide in-depth information about the projects you have done
  • Practical experiences hold significant value in your resume

Prepare for test and interview

The core steps for placements involve aptitude tests and interviews. Preparing extensively for this is crucial to ensure a successful outcome. Assess whether participating in placements is genuinely necessary for your career goals and aspirations. Plan accordingly if you really interested on placements.

Below are the essential points for effective preparation:

  • Connect with seniors to gain insights into the test & interview patterns and formats.
  • Engage in active participation in various clubs and events and learn more
  • Devote significant effort to strengthen your foundational knowledge in the subject during the initial semesters for thorough preparation.
  • Undertake projects in your area of passion and prioritize attending interviews for companies that align with your interests.
  • Tailor your preparation to match the specific requirements of each company, as the process may vary between different companies.
  • Rather than attending all interviews, focus on your passion and seek out companies that align with your field of interest.
  • Ensure a presentable physical appearance and display enthusiasm and energy during interviews.


The students often encounter several challenges during the placement process. The table below outlines these common challenges and provides corresponding solutions:

Feeling StressedAvoid desperation and maintain composure
Challenging Aptitude testAllocate ample time for aptitude test preparation. Practice regularly with sample tests, join coaching classes if needed, and manage stress through relaxation techniques.
Anxiety IssuesManage anxiety levels effectively
Lack of confidence in interviewsPractice mock interviews with friends, seniors, or career counselors to gain confidence and improve communication skills.
Balancing academics and preparation for placementsCreate a schedule, set realistic goals, and prioritize tasks to manage time efficiently.
Overcoming the fear of rejectionView rejections as learning opportunities, maintain a positive mindset, and persistently apply to more companies.
Difficulty in showcasing practical experiences effectively in resumesUse concise language, focus on achievements and contributions, and seek feedback on your resume from professionals or mentors.

Session Recording

The video below captures a session held in August 2023, where 2023 batch MEA scholars discuss effective preparation strategies for placements and interviews.

Resources for preparation

Refer the below resources when you are preparing.