On Saturday  28th September 2019

This year’s Cultural Fest will take place on Sept. 28, 2019 at Houston Knanaya Catholic Community Center. It will be a special celebration of our silver jubilee and will be free for all MEA members.

If you are coming please respond to our evite at https://www.evite.com/event/00F8CUD4P4L6F4BCSEPJWYZ3QGAXQI


To renew your yearly membership or if you are new, please click the following link before 5pm 27th Sept:


We will be closing all online membership renewals/new memberships by 27th Sept at 5pm. Online guests ticket purchase also will close at 5pm on 27th Sept.


Non-members MUST buy their tickets by using the form below before 5pm on 27th Sept, and it will be verified at the entrance on the 28th. You must be either a member or a guest to come for the program. Please note that there will be no exceptions.


Please Note: You must either be a member or a guest (non member) AND RSVP using the above link


Note: All participants shall be 2019 MEA members. For group events, a minimum of 50% MEA membership is required

All the non-member participants and guests MUST take guest tickets . Online payment is now closed. Guest tickets and memberships can be purchased paid for at the door.