Science Talent Search 2015

Inspiring young minds to explore engineering, science and technology.


Welcome to the Science Talent Search 2015! This is our community initiative to encourage young minds to explore engineering, science and technology.



1. Register for the Science Talent Search 2015 here. The event is divided into different categories, viz. elementary school, middle school and high school.

2. Make a trifold 36″x 48″ poster in one of the topics, viz. EManaging Global Epidemics, Possibilities of stem cell technology, Global waste management, Future of 3D printing and its impact, Future of renewable energy, or any other science topic that fascinates you.  You can find detailed explanation of the topics here. The posters will be judged on content (research), creativity and presentation.

3. Drop-off the poster at one of the drop-off locations here.

Please note that this event is open to all communities, including non-MEA members. The details about cash prizes can be found here.


You can create the poster in one of the topics below.

Managing Global Epidemics: Explore what are Epidemics, history, how do they happen, how to prevent them and how we can control them in future when they occur.

Possibilities of stem cell technology: Explore what is Stem Cell technology, state of the technology, where are the areas for more inventions and how can it enhance healthcare delivery in future.

Global waste management: Explore the current problems of global waste management on land and in oceans, what the reasons are, and propose solutions.

Future of 3D printing and its impact: 3D printing technology has made rapid progress in the last few decades. Explore the areas where it has made its impact, types of technologies. Explore its potential in areas such as healthcare, in space exploration, manufacturing, education, food etc.

Future of renewable energy: Explore why we need to increase the use of renewable energy, what are the types and sources, how they can be economical and challenges ahead.


Three prizes for each category:

High School                      First: $250  Second: $150   Third: $100
Middle School                  First: $200   Second: $100    Third: $75
Elementary School         First: $100     Second: $75    Third: $50

Viewers’ Choice Award: 
In addition to the above prizes, audience at the MEA Family Day will vote and select one winner for each category. Contestants will be given an opportunity to display and answer questions on their work during this event. Contestants must be present to be considered for this award. In case of team submissions at least one participant must be present.

 High School: $100; Middle School: $75; Elementary School: $50


The registration details are as follows. You can register for the event  here.

Fee: MEA member family: $5/person, Other individuals: $15/entry, Team: $10/person.

Guidelines: Entries may be individual or team. Only one entry per individual or team is allowed. One team can be made of 2 or 3 individuals.


The deadlines for the events are as follows.

Submission Deadline : 1 September 2015 (we have extended the deadline by 2 weeks).
Award Announcement: 03 October 2015 Tentative (the awards will be given out during MEA Cultural Nite)


The drop-off location would be announced soon. Drop-off can be done only in the month of August and September. Please email us at if you have any questions.

Katy: Tara Fatima– 281-870-9234

Fortbend County/ Sugar Land: Chandramohan C Nair– 281-265-47245

Cypress: Lakshmi Nair– 949-294-5120, Ranjith Nair: 832-428-2225

Houston: Nalin Pillai– 713-818-1700

Spring: Sudhir Padmanabhan– 281-216-7282
The Woodlands: Ravi Nair– 703-901-9932


Q. Will you return the poster after the competition?

A. You can pick up the poster at the STS 2015 award announcement event, MEA takes no responsibility in guaranteeing the return of the poster.



A special shout out to our sponsors for making this event a grand success. Our sponsors are:

You can find our sponsorship page over here.



Send your queries to



From the given topics, choose any theme or come up with your own related sub-topics.

The following sites have tips on how to make a poster-board for science projects.


You can find last years  posters over here.


Disclaimer: MEA reserves the right to change the details of the competition without any prior notice.