About the MEA Scholarship initiative

About our scholarship.

MEA is an association of Malayalee engineers living in Greater Houston area in the state of Texas, USA. The association is offering scholarships for students of Kerala origin to pursue engineering/ technology/ computer science, architecture or naval-architecture studies leading to a Bachelors degree.

Basis of Award: Award of Scholarship shall be based on the academic merit and financial hardship of the applicant. A panel of MEA members shall select the scholarship winners based on merit and financial hardship of the candidate. The student will become eligible for the scholarship during the FIRST year of studies. The scholarship will be renewed every year for the first four/five years of studies, provided the student has shown satisfactory performance in the preceding year.

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Collaboration with CGCT

MEA Houston has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CETA Galaxy Charitable Trust (CGCT) in Kerala to collaborate for the mutual benefit of both organizations. CGCT has established a bank account in Kerala for accepting donations in Indian rupees from former MEA Scholars and their well-wishers to provide scholarships to economically disadvantaged engineering students.

CGCT also has several charitable programs and projects in Kerala one of which is ‘HOPE’. This initiative supports academically brilliant school students from financially disadvantaged families by empowering them with education. We encourage our members, their families and friends to support ‘HOPE’ and contribute toward a worthy cause. More information on ‘HOPE’ can be found by clicking on the link below or by visiting www.cetagalaxytrust.com”