2017 MEA Cultural Fest – Guidelines For Participation

Send in your registration with details of your event to meahouston.culturalfest@gmail.com

Last date for submission of music track/dance music: October 6, 2017

1.Participants shall be 2017 MEA members. An exception is allowed only for Group events, where a minimum of 50% MEA membership is required. (applicable only for participants otherwise not eligible for MEA membership)
2.Solo performers must be 10 years or older. Children under 10 years may perform in group items only. Only one solo per person, in order to give the opportunity to more members. We will only have limited slots for solo items, so please submit your entry as early as possible.
3.In case of duplicate items or time constraints, groups with more MEA members will be given priority.
4.In the case of songs and dances, please provide the name of the song in order to avoid the same item being presented by more than one person.
5.The time allotted for every program will be a maximum of 5 minutes to maintain our schedule. Skit presentations will be allotted a maximum of 10 minutes.
6.All participants shall arrive an hour early to know the order of the events. If a participant or a group misses their given time slot, they will have to wait until the end, in order to have a smooth flow of the overall program.
7.All participants must provide their music track (karaoke) and dance music either in MP3 or WMA format. CDs will be prepared with all the tracks for use by the sound system operator at the auditorium to minimize interruptions during the program.
8.MEA Committee reserves the right to select the programs to ensure variety. Selected entries will be separately contacted to register.

Please click here for the event details.

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